A Major Environment Case at the Supreme Court

In a case that will be decided by the Supreme Court later this year, the conservative majority could deal a major blow to the climate movement.

Based on oral arguments, the Supreme Court appears ready to overturn the decades-old “Chevron” Doctrine and undermine our ability to do any kind of environmental or climate regulation. In other words, polluters would get off scot free.

What is the Chevron Doctrine, you might ask? To put it in plain simple English, the Chevron Doctrine says that courts should defer to agencies in how they interpret ambiguous laws. By seeking to overturn that, the extreme conservative majority wants to make judges (in other words: THEMSELVES) the sole arbiter of these issues.

The conservative majority is so full of themselves that they think they know better than the agency experts who dedicate their lives to their particular field of study. We’re talking biologists, economists, geologists, chemists, engineers, and on and on and on.

The erosion of the Chevron Doctrine would threaten to undermine decades of climate progress, inviting a flood of litigation and uncertainty that would prevent us from protecting the environment and would harm our planet for generations.

SEEC Members understand the gravity of this decision and we’re mobilizing our resources for a robust response if the Supreme Court takes us down this dangerous path.

The stakes have never been higher. The decisions made today will shape our planet for decades to come, affecting our environment, our health, and our children’s future.

We have to speak out against this potentially significant legal action by the Supreme Court.