A U.S.-sized ice sheet at risk of melting into the ocean…

A once-thought climate-resistant ice sheet is looking more vulnerable than we thought.

A recent story in The Washington Post reports the world’s largest ice sheet in East Antarctica is at risk of melting. This highly sensitive ice sheet contains water roughly the size of the United States. Scientists predict that it could raise sea levels up to 16½ feet over the long term if we fail to achieve greenhouse gas emissions targets.

It’s an ominous wake-up call. The time for action is running out. On the other side of the planet, new research shows the Arctic is heating up FOUR times faster than the rest of the planet.

We can no longer turn a blind eye to the impact of climate change in the Arctic and Antarctica. Both these regions are now litmus tests for overall climate trends, and with these shocking new studies…it’s not looking good.

What can we do?

SEEC members of Congress are fighting to stop the worst climate effects from happening. That means dramatically reducing emissions as quickly as possible. With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and its historic climate protection funding package, we now have a fighting chance to prevent catastrophic events created by our senseless environmental abuse.

Our members in Congress understand that we don’t have a minute to spare in the fight to curb global warming. They’re advocating for clean solutions to reduce emissions while we still have time to reverse these alarming trends. Will you chip in to support their work to preserve both Antarctica and the Arctic as we know them?