A Year of Accomplishments in 2022

It’s been a great year for clean energy and climate change progress and action — and SEEC supporters like you helped make it happen.

Environmental policy analysts call 2022 a historic year for the number and range of new laws and regulations at the federal level. 

Thanks to your support, SEEC members of Congress delivered time and again this year:

  • The Inflation Reduction Act includes $370 billion in new spending on tax credits and incentives encouraging the development of renewable energy, electric vehicles, and support for American companies to manufacture clean energy components and products here in America;
  • New federal laws encouraging electric vehicle purchasing and building out charging networks. The Inflation Reduction Act includes a tax credit of up to $7,500 for a new electric vehicle and a credit of up to $4,000 for a used electric vehicle;
  • Federal laws now include provisions to help low- and moderate-income consumers access clean energy for the first time. 
  • Offshore wind projects backed by SEEC members continue to gain momentum, with the federal government now permitting projects on the West Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Several East Coast projects are entering the construction phase.

2022 has been an eventful year for making clean energy progress. We are proud of the SEEC members’ accomplishments and the on-the-ground support they received to make this happen.

However, the work is far from over. Republicans want to turn back the clock and undo our progress. Doing so would have devastating consequences.  

Can you help protect our progress in the 118th Congress by contributing today to support our SEEC members?