Avoiding the Climate Doom Loop Starts With You

We’re nearing a dangerous climate crossroads that could push us past the brink of no return — if we don’t act now.

According to researchers from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) and Chatham House, recovery from the ongoing climate disasters is costing billions of dollars — and that doesn’t even include the ripple effects we’re seeing in our water, food, and energy sources.

The same think tank report found that while we’re spending billions trying to clean up these dangerous climate events, we’re siphoning resources away from making proactive investments in climate-saving measures. But if we don’t take the necessary steps to slash carbon emissions and shift to clean energy, this situation will escalate beyond our control.

Our SEEC Members know we’re running out of time — and money — to play offense on our climate goals.

That’s why they’re fighting to take aggressive climate action by pushing for an updated energy grid, innovative agriculture practices, clean air, and environmental justice in low-income communities across the country. But our SEEC Members also know that when we’re backed by grassroots support, we’re far likelier to keep our feet on the accelerator and actually build back better. Can you support our Members’ work today by making a quick contribution of $25 or whatever you can afford?

Our Members are putting in the necessary work to course-correct our climate. From helping President Biden pass the Inflation Reduction Act and incentivizing clean energy projects and purchases to making the Farm Bill the biggest climate fight of 2023, they’re not wasting any time as we stare down this self-sabotaging climate cycle.

That’s why we need your help, {{FirstName or ‘friend’}}. With such little time on the table, we need to make sure our communities are championing our rallying cry for climate action from your own neighborhoods all the way up to Washington D.C.

No matter how much you can give today, your donation will fuel our Members’ fight — and ensure they can continue championing our pro-climate agenda in 2024 and beyond.