BREAKING: Transformational climate bill goes to Biden’s desk!!!

We did it! Congress has just passed the Inflation Reduction Act!

This landmark legislation will provide $369 billion to protect the climate – the largest investment in a clean energy economy EVER. This bill will be transformational in our fight against climate change because it touches on every sector of the economy: electricity, transportation, manufacturing, industry, agriculture, and more.

We’ll be honest with you. There have been some dark days in this fight. But SEEC members’ persistence means we have finally achieved something that has alluded Congress for decades. This bill will mark a turning point in the effort to bring about a sustainable future.

SEEC members never gave up on their mission to get this bill over the finish line. They’ve had our backs in this fight. Now we need to have theirs. Can you show your appreciation for their tireless work by making a donation today?

Getting this bill passed means more than just avoiding the worst impacts of climate change. It also would prevent future energy and inflation crises like we’re experiencing today caused by skyrocketing gas prices. It’ll also mean millions of new clean energy jobs and lower energy bills for all American households.

We are so thankful for you standing by our SEEC members as they’ve steadfastly worked to make this bill a reality. But we can’t stop now and can’t afford to immediately lose ground again by losing the 2022 election. Make a donation today to build on this momentum and carry our SEEC members through the midterms.