CA Gray Wolves Have Made a Remarkable Comeback

We’ve got incredible news: A gray wolf pack in northern California was recently confirmed to have given birth to eight pups this past spring!

This is huge. Gray wolves were hunted to extinction in California in the 20th century, but after they gained protection under the Endangered Species Act, they were slowly reintroduced to the Yellowstone area in Wyoming. From there, the wolves began to roam into Oregon and, eventually, California. 

The birth of these 8 cubs suggests that these wolves are thriving in their new home and gives hope that the state’s population will recover – but we need to do more to ensure that gray wolves and other endangered species survive. That’s why the work SEEC members are doing is so critical. They’re fighting in Congress to protect our most critical wildlife from extinction. Will you show your support for their work by making a contribution today?

We’ve had success before saving species facing extinction. If it wasn’t for the Endangered Species Act, we would’ve lost the humpback whale, the American alligator, the grizzly bear, and the California condor. Even the bald eagle – the symbol of our country – would be extinct today if not for the Endangered Species Act. 

SEEC members in Congress are fighting to protect hundreds of endangered animals like gray wolves from the threat of extinction. 

But they need your help. Will you make a contribution to support our SEEC members as they work to prevent some of Earth’s most majestic creatures from disappearing for good?