CO2 Levels Never Seen in 4 million Years

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just reported that carbon dioxide levels had reached their highest levels in human history, with the planet-warming chemical levels now 50% higher than preindustrial levels.

We cannot see more records broken year after year that puts us further from our climate goals. Our SEEC members are pushing for 100% clean energy solutions to stop this relentless destruction of our planet. Rush a donation today to support their efforts.

Although carbon emissions dipped in 2020 when the world went on pandemic lockdown, unfortunately, it did not signify a long-term trend. Now, it’s recorded that in 2021, 36 billion tons of carbon dioxide was released into the atmosphere.

If we needed any further proof that progress towards the Paris climate goal has been minimal, this is it. We must make transformational changes to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

The consequences of not taking action are too dire: Flooding would inundate coastal cities. Severe heat will spark wildfires and create unbearable living conditions. Saltwater intrusion will create a scarcity of drinking water. 

There has never been more urgency to meet this moment with action. SEEC members will continue to fight for action big and small, from getting the $555 billion climate reconciliation package over the finish line to making sure that climate is considered in every bill that moves through Congress. 

Our pro-environment majority in the House is the only thing that stands between action on climate and a complete disregard for this crisis. Chip in to support the efforts of SEEC members who are fighting to reverse the climate crisis before it’s too late.