Democrats’ Plan To Break Free From Plastic Pollution

Led by SEEC Member Rep. Jared Huffman, Democrats in Congress have introduced a sweeping bill to address plastic pollution in the US, the “most comprehensive plan ever” on the issue.

Congressman Huffman says the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act of 2023 “tackles the plastic pollution crisis head on, addressing the harmful climate and environmental justice impacts of this growing fossil fuel sector and moving our economy away from its overreliance on single-use plastic.”

THESE are the types of bills we need to be passing in Congress, not the ones Fossil Fool Mike Johnson has been introducing to gut funding for pro-climate initiatives. Can you make a donation to help SEEC Members like Jared Huffman fight back against Mike Johnson’s fossil-fuel funded anti-climate agenda and get pro-climate bills like this one signed into law?

The new bill builds off of previous versions introduced in 2020 and 2021, but includes new provisions protecting communities living near petrochemical facilities, stronger targets for companies to reduce their plastic production, and stricter regulations for toxic chemicals used in plastic products.

This bill would be a huge step forward for reducing our country’s plastic waste and pollution, but it will face an uphill battle getting through our fossil-fool led House if we don’t take action for our SEEC Members ahead of 2024. 

Our SEEC Members are doing everything they can to push for these initiatives, but they don’t have Big Oil to line their pockets like Mike Johnson and his other MAGA fossil fools. SEEC Members are counting on us to step up and help keep them in Congress — can you chip in $10, $15, or more to support them today? 

We need strong leaders in Washington who will tackle the climate crisis head on, not people like Mike Johnson who will do anything to protect their campaign cash. Please take action today!