Drilling leases standing in the way of Biden’s climate agenda

Once it became obvious that Donald Trump was going to be a one-term President, fossil fuel companies went to work taking advantage of the administration’s fossil fuel-focused energy agenda.

These companies worked to secure and stockpile drilling rights. And as we reported, Donald Trump’s administration was more than happy to rush auctions and sell public lands off for pennies on the dollar.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management reports that fossil fuel interests submitted more than 3,000 drilling permit applications in a three-month period that included the election. These include drilling rights in national treasures like Colorado’s Pawnee National Grassland, Wyoming’s Thunder Basin National Grassland, and of course, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. 

It’s going to be a tough fight to preserve our public lands and shift to a renewable energy agenda in this country. Will you pitch in to help, [First / None]?

In the final days of his term, Donald Trump did everything he could to tie Joe Biden’s hands in enacting a positive agenda to combat climate change. 

Processing times for public land drilling permits plummeted while Donald Trump was in office. Going from almost 140 days on average in the last year of Obama’s term to 44 days in fiscal year 2019. In 2020, as the Trump Administration approved drilling rights as fast as possible, some companies got the greenlight in just over a month.

Undoing all of these rushed permits could be expensive, and risks stalling out Joe Biden’s climate agenda at a time in our history where we cannot delay in taking action. Will you pitch in a donation to join our fight to stem the impact of Trump’s fossil fuel giveaway and advance policies that support renewable energy on public lands?