Historic Announcement from COP28!! 🚨

The international climate conference in Dubai, COP28, came to a close this week, and the final resolution achieved something that’s never been seen before.

For the first time, nearly 200 countries agreed to a deal that called for “transitioning away from fossil fuels.” Would you believe that this was actually the first time the phrase “fossil fuels” has ever even appeared in a COP decision?

If ever there was evidence that we have the momentum on our side, it should be this.

But you wouldn’t know it judging by whom the House of Representatives chose to send to this conference. House Republicans packed our delegation full of climate-denying fossil fools.

Team, we need real climate leaders in Congress, which is why we need your help reelecting SEEC’s pro-climate warriors in 2024.

This hard fought victory at COP28 is even more surprising considering the conference was held in a major oil producing country, the United Arab Emirates.


And it nearly didn’t happen. Towards the end of the conference, fossil fuel companies and fossil fuel-dominated countries dragged negotiations into overtime as they lobbied against proposals calling for phasing out fossil fuels. 

Unfortunately, because of their lobbying, we didn’t win a total victory. The language was watered down from the original proposal that called for a full phase-out of fossil fuels.

That’s why when COP29 rolls around next year, we need to be sure we send  Congress’s best climate leaders: our SEEC members. 

The next conference will happen immediately after the 2024 election, so we need your help to make sure that we’re able to go with the wind at our backs of a huge victory for climate-minded members of Congress.

That’s where you come in. Can you please pitch in to support the reelection of SEEC’s pro-climate lawmakers today?