I’m here against all odds, friends

Friends, no one expected me to become a member of Congress. I’m representing Alaska down in Washington D.C. against all odds.

I grew up in communities like Kwethluk and Bethel – communities made up of large populations of Alaska Natives, and far from any major cities. An Alaska Native had never served in Congress before, but that didn’t stop me from running.

Team, we defied the odds in 2022 when I became the first Alaska Native to represent our state in Congress. But now we need to defy the odds once again, because special interests are spending money to defeat me and SEEC PAC as we speak. And I need your help to hold them off and win.

Can you split a $25 donation between my campaign and SEEC PAC before midnight to help us ensure we have the resources to counter these big-money special interest attacks? >>

Friends, it’s no secret that politicians are out of touch with most Americans, and in particular, most Alaskans. They often come from super-wealthy backgrounds, went to the most prestigious colleges, and rubbed all the right elbows. But my journey to Congress was different.

I may have not attended an Ivy League or self-funded my campaign, but my life experiences and challenges are similar to the ones working-class Alaskans face every day. I was the only non-millionaire in the special general election last year. And I’ll never forget those roots.

Team, you helped me make history in 2022, and with your support, I’ll be able to prove that our working-class win was NOT a fluke. But without your support, extremists have a REAL chance of taking Alaska’s House seat right out from under us.

Please, if you’re still by my side and ready to help fight back against the special interests, split a $25 (or any other amount) donation between my campaign and SEEC PAC before midnight.

Thanks for having my back,
Mary Peltola