Imagine All of NYC Drifting Off to Sea, That’s What’s Happened in Antarctica

An ice shelf larger than New York City has broken away from eastern Antarctica. It’s another dramatic sign of the impact of global warming.

According to scientists monitoring Antarctica, the Conger Ice Shelf, 460 square miles in size, broke off the continent in mid-March. It’s the first time a major ice shelf has broken away from Antarctica since satellite observations began over 40 years ago.

The development has set off alarm bells in the scientific community. Scientists previously considered ice in eastern Antarctica significantly less vulnerable to global warming than ice in western Antarctica.

Adding to this latest climate change danger, sea ice levels surrounding the continent dropped to a record low in March, while land temperatures in eastern Antarctica were 70 degrees above average, setting a new record.

Antarctica melting is happening far sooner than scientists anticipated — and all of us should be alarmed. 

Climate change is happening at an unprecedented rate and, as seen in Antarctica, is having a devastating impact on even parts of the globe previously thought to be immune from an immediate impact.

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