Joe Manchin Will Support Climate Package

With so much doom and gloom in the news lately, we wanted to offer you a glimmer of hope: Senator Joe Manchin has changed his tune and is now backing the climate package in the budget reconciliation bill!

This is incredible news! This bill has been stalled in the Senate for months, thanks to Sen. Manchin. And earlier this month, Manchin expressed he wouldn’t support the climate investments at all. But thanks to SEEC members and climate activists like you putting pressure on Manchin, he’s made a complete 180. 

This proves that we see results when we raise our voices together, demanding that climate change is too urgent to sit back.

This package will provide the investments in a clean energy future that our climate and economy desperately need. $369 billion will be allocated toward combatting climate change – the most significant expenditure on climate in history. 

This bill is so, so close to the finish line, but that doesn’t mean our work is done. Now that we have Manchin on our side, the Senate needs to get this bill passed and sent over to Biden to sign. We’ve come so far that we can’t let up know. Will you rush a contribution today to help SEEC members keep the pressure on the Senate to pass historic investments on climate change?

The window for the budget reconciliation bill is closing fast. This bill has to be passed in the next few weeks, or else our chances of getting this climate package to Biden’s desk will be slim. 

We don’t have the luxury of waiting to take action. If we want to prevent the worst consequences of climate change, we cannot fail to meet this moment. Help SEEC members continue demanding action by rushing a contribution today.