Just Who Is New Speaker Mike Johnson?

Have you heard of Mike Johnson? Allow us to introduce you.

Mike Johnson is the new Speaker of the House. And he is one of the worst climate skeptics in Congress. He’s received more campaign money from the oil and gas industry than any other industry, and it shows. Mike Johnson continues to downplay the impact of climate change, and he’s actively fought against clean energy solutions. 

As the new Speaker, Mike Johnson will have a huge sway on Congress’s policies on clean energy and the environment. And to put it as plainly as we can, Mike Johnson has questioned if climate change is even caused by humans. 

This much is clear: Mike Johnson is a catastrophe for the fight against climate change. 

In Congress, SEEC Members are stepping up to keep working for pro-climate solutions, and now that Mike Johnson is the Speaker, they need our support more than ever. We have to fight back, and we have to do it now

With Mike Johnson at the reins, we are asking for your immediate support of our SEEC Members fighting against Big Oil and working for pro-climate solutions in Congress. Can you please rush $10, $15, or even $25 to help us counter Mike Johnson’s dangerous climate lies in Congress?