Major news from the Supreme Court (not good)

Have you heard the news?

The Supreme Court just announced they are taking up a major environmental case that could upend America’s clean water rules and eliminate the EPA’s ability to set pollution limits for our drinking water!

Will you please rush in a donation right now to help our SEEC Members fight back and protect our clean water in Congress?

This case is a direct challenge to the EPA’s authority under the Clean Water Act to limit the amount of pollution in our water.

This comes only one year after the ultra-conservative majority on the Supreme Court vastly curtailed the reach of federal water laws. In other words, we’ve seen this story before, but now they intend to go even further by undoing environmental regulations that have kept our water clean for decades.

If we elect enough SEEC climate champions and take back the House this November, we can protect our clean water before the Supreme Court even makes a decision in this case!

So that’s why we’re asking you to please send in a donation today and help us fight back against the Supreme Court’s attempts to weaken our clean water rules?