More details on Trump favoring oil companies of solar and wind energy

We wanted to make sure you saw this email from over the weekend about how wind and solar projects are getting hit by retroactive fees.

While the Trump Administration has begun lowering royalties for oil and gas producers on public lands to ease their financial strain, the renewable energy sector has been receiving unexpected rent bills. As just one example, the 131-megawatt Tule wind farm near San Diego just got a retroactive $3 million bill with no notice. 

These surprise fees are coming at a time when the renewable energy industry needs relief.. The clean energy sector employs three times the workers that the fossil fuel industry does, but is set to shed 850,000 jobs by the end of June — and these new fees could make that loss even steeper.

That’s why we are asking you to make a donation to SEEC PAC so we can ensure that clean energies like wind and solar are protected as the Trump Administration turns its back.