New Bill Would Say “Farewell” to Plastic Foam

New bill would say “farewell” to plastic foam

SEEC Member Congressman Lloyd Doggett has introduced exciting new legislation fighting pollution from plastic foam foodware and other single-use foam products!

Plastic foam foodware is one of the top items polluting beaches around our globe, and starting in 2026, the Farewell to Foam Act would restrict the usage and sale of foodware, packing peanuts, and single-use coolers made from the harmful material.

THESE are the types of bills we need to be passing in Congress, but right now, pro-climate lawmakers like SEEC’s Lloyd Doggett are at risk of losing their seats to fossil-fuel-funded Republicans.

Foam products break down easily into smaller fragments and microplastics, contributing to the 170 trillion pieces of plastic afloat in the ocean — clogging our waterways and harming wildlife.

This legislation, says SEEC Member Lloyd Doggett, seeks a “cleaner, more sustainable future for our entire country by saying farewell to foam.”