Our Golden Ticket to Cutting Carbon Emissions

A new proposal from the EPA could be our golden ticket to cutting our carbon pollution in half by 2030 — but we’ll have to get it through the fossil fuel industry and their allies in Congress first.

Until now, the federal government has never successfully limited carbon dioxide emissions for existing power plants. And with free rein to release emissions without regulation, these plants have become responsible for about 25% of our planet-warming pollution.

That’s why Big Oil has been bracing for the EPA’s proposal: this proposal would be the federal restrictions on carbon emissions for both new and existing power plants, meaning most coal and gas-fired power plants would have to cut or capture nearly all of their carbon dioxide emissions.

The EPA’s proposed regulation, combined with the clean energy funds from the Inflation Reduction Act, the administration’s plans to transition to electric vehicles, and efforts to curb methane leaks from oil and gas wells, would put us back on track to meet our Paris climate goals by 2030 if implemented.

This is great news for our climate, but terrible for Big Oil and Gas. That’s why we’re expecting immediate legal challenges from the same group of red state attorneys general who sued the Biden administration over the Clean Water Rule. 

We’re standing at the precipice of a huge climate breakthrough. Getting the EPA’s proposal on the books will be a make-or-break for our aggressive climate goals, and we won’t let the fossil fools in Congress stand in the way of this clean energy milestone.

Our Members are already working behind the scenes to give this proposal the traction it needs to get implemented, but with a near-guaranteed legal battle on the horizon, we know we need to start building our warchest now. Will you help SEEC gear up for another fierce clean energy fight by making a $25 contribution?