Planning the Future of Climate Crisis Action

We wanted to share with you an exciting new initiative being undertaken by SEEC in the House. While the ‘Build Back Better’ bill may be stalled in the Senate, SEEC members are redoubling their efforts to tackle the climate crisis by planning ahead to the next opportunities for meaningful climate action.

SEEC members have launched three climate task forces, and each focused on different aspects of the climate crisis. They are:

  • The Climate and Agriculture Task Force, focusing on ensuring the next farm bill provides farmers with the resources to address the climate crisis;
  • The Climate and National Security Task Force, which will propose climate-related amendments to annual defense appropriations and policy bills;
  • The Power Sector Task Force will investigate opportunities to buoy President Biden’s clean energy goals, using the bipartisan infrastructure law as a foundation.

SEEC members are determined to find creative and common-ground ways to advance climate legislation, even with the fate of the Build Back Better bill and its $555 billion in climate spending still pending.

Frontline members of Congress like Katie Porter, Sean Casten, and Kim Schrier have stepped up to lead these task forces because they know this is why they were sent to Congress. We need to ensure that they and their SEEC colleagues in the House are reelected this November.

Will you pitch in with a donation right away to show your support and help keep them in Congress?