Red Alert: The GOP’s plan to overhaul the EPA exposed

Imagine an EPA stripped of its power to protect our air, water, and health. That’s exactly what the GOP plans to implement in 2025 — a complete “revamp” of the EPA, that would go dramatically farther than the already deeply deregulatory first Trump administration.

We cannot stand by as this threat looms. Today, we’re asking you to contribute $8 right now to safeguard our environmental protections against this dangerous overhaul.

The “Project 2025” plan recently released by the Heritage Foundation is a blueprint for dismantling the EPA’s vital role of protecting our environment, if Trump wins in November.

It’s a concerted push to downsize the Environmental Protection Agency and weaken its authority, leaving our natural resources and public health exposed to unchecked threats. This is not simply a policy shift; it’s an alarming reversal that would erase decades of progress in combating climate change and protecting our planet.

The stakes have never been higher. SEEC Members are prepared to defend our environmental achievements and challenge any attempts to undermine the EPA’s critical mission. But the reality is: without immediate support, our efforts to combat this anti-climate agenda could be outpaced by the influx of money from Big Oil and special interests.

We can’t let the GOP’s destructive vision for the EPA become our reality. Will you donate $8 to ensure our pro-climate voices in Congress can stand against these looming threats?

Together, we can protect our environment and keep pushing forward for a sustainable future.