Ryan Zinke Is Returning to Congress – And Our SEEC Members Are Ready for Him

The face of Donald Trump’s environmental attacks and rollbacks is returning to Washington, D.C. — and our SEEC members of Congress are ready to take him head-on.

When we were last exposed to Ryan Zinke, he was high-tailing it out of the nation’s capital after being pushed out as Donald Trump’s Secretary of the Interior for violating ethical rules and lying to investigators.

Zinke’s time as Secretary of the Interior was plagued by scandal. Showing zero interest in protecting the environment, he threw open federal lands to his Big Energy buddies, permitting oil, gas, and mineral exploration and extraction.

Now, Zinke is heading back to the U.S. Capitol as a member of Congress for Montana’s newly-created First District, hell-bent on wreaking further destruction on our environment while further gutting the Interior Department. 

Our SEEC members were the loudest voices in Washington against Zinke’s disastrous policies during his time as Interior Secretary, and they’re ready to keep fighting his anti-climate agenda in the next Congress. Can you chip in a donation to support them?

As Secretary of the Interior for Trump, Zinke called for eliminating 4,000 jobs from the Interior Department and slashing its budget by nearly 14%. He also gave a speech to a Big Energy gathering in which he said one-third of Interior Department employees were disloyal to Donald Trump and “not loyal to the flag.” 

Here’s the deal, NAME/friends. SEEC has fought against Ryan Zinke and his corrupt and unethical behavior before, and it is ready to do so again. SEEC members of Congress stand poised to go toe-to-toe with him in the House, exposing him as no more than a useful idiot for Big Energy and special interests. Please take a moment and rush a donation to help us take on Ryan Zinke in the months ahead.