SEEC Unites 175 Democrats in Demanding Climate Action

175 House Democrats signed a letter urging President Biden to clinch a deal on climate provisions in his budget reconciliation bill. This bill has already passed in the House but has been stalled in the Senate for months, thanks to Sen. Manchin. 

And the window for the budget reconciliation bill is closing fast. If Biden doesn’t work to make a deal on this bill before the August recess, the bill will almost certainly be dead. And unless we reelect our clean energy champions like our SEEC members in November, this could be the last shot at major climate legislation for some time to come.

That’s why SEEC brought House members from every ideological background together by bringing on board both the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the New Democrat Coalition to lead this letter calling for Biden to do whatever it takes to get this bill through the Senate. 

We don’t have the luxury of waiting to take action. If we want to prevent the worst consequences of climate change, we cannot fail to meet this moment. Help SEEC members continue demanding action by rushing a contribution today.

The letter makes the case how these investments couldn’t be more timely, as investments in a clean energy economy would address both the energy crisis and inflation crisis our nation is currently facing over the long term. We’d never be hostage to the whims of unstable dictators like Putin again. 

These challenges need to be addressed without delay, and the solution is through clean energy.  President Biden must reach a deal to pass the climate provisions in the reconciliation bill before it’s too late.

SEEC members are uniting Democrats in the House to demand climate action to solve both our economy and energy crises. Will you rush a contribution today to support their leadership?