The House just passed a major energy bill

Did you hear? Last week the House of Representatives passed a bipartisan energy package that will help us advance important clean energy solutions. 

SEEC supported policies in The Clean Economy Jobs and Innovation Act will help address climate change across a wide array of different policy areas. Just a few of the provisions of the legislation are below:

  • The phasedown HFCs
  • Creates more rigorous building codes and bolster energy efficiency requirements
  • Funds research and development programs for wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric energy
  • Significant investments in energy storage research, grid modernization, and energy efficiency
  • A big funding boost for ARPA-E
  • Adds environmental claims to the Civil Rights Act
  • Protects communities by requiring federal agencies to research the impact of projects on public health
  • Assists industries that could help the United States transition to a clean energy economy
  • & more

With raging wildfires out west, and supercharged hurricanes making landfall in the Gulf Coast, there’s no time to waste. The effects of climate change are here now, so we need to start fighting for a clean energy future today. 

The Clean Economy Jobs and Innovation Act isn’t a perfect bill. And importantly, this bill is just a first step. We will have more aggressive and bold legislation to advance next Congress. But this legislation is a bipartisan step we can take now toward achieving net-zero pollution by 2050 at the latest.