The Next Climate Fight Is the Farm Bill

Democrats have been fighting in Congress to support climate-friendly solutions for our farmers at the frontlines of the climate crisis. Part of that critical work means creating pro-climate initiatives in legislation like the upcoming Farm Bill

If you’re with us and ready to support the work that SEEC PAC does electing pro-climate leaders to Congress,  can you please chip in?

The Farm Bill is passed once every five years and is an essential piece of legislation helping our farmers and our nation’s food security. Here’s why it’s important: With agriculture being one of the nation’s top-polluting industries, promoting pro-climate policies in the Farm Bill is critical to reducing our climate impact. 

For example, this spring, the USDA started distributing $3 billion to farmers so they could test climate-friendly agriculture practices. This wildly successful program is thanks to SEEC members like Reps. Chellie Pingree and Kim Schrier who have been championing the need for climate-friendly agriculture solutions. But now, the funding is now up for debate.

Out-of-touch Republicans are gearing up for a show-down on the climate in the Farm Bill. They’re trying to do everything they can to block our path and erase pro-climate provisions from the bill. If it was up to Republicans, we wouldn’t have any climate provisions in the bill at all. 

With the Farm Bill looming, we simply have to fight back, and we’re asking for your help.

This is our next major battle to pass transformational climate policy this year. But the GOP Majority is gearing up to squander this opportunity for us. We can’t let that happen. Please, rush a contribution so SEEC members can keep fighting for farmers and climate action.