Trump’s $1 billion deal to destroy our environment

At this point, it shouldn’t shock us anymore, but somehow it still does. While we know that Big Oil has been buying politicians for years and years, the news from Trumpland this month took the cake.

To save his political future, Trump begged his Big Oil friends to donate up to $1 BILLION… calling it a “deal” for them given how much they will avoid in climate taxes and regulations.

We can’t let Trump and fossil-fool Republicans win this election and wreak havoc on our environment! Will you please donate now to stand up to Trump and his Big Oil allies?

In addition to the $6.4 million they’ve already given to Trump in the first three months of 2024, the Oil and Gas industry is also pouring millions of dollars into competitive House races that could decide this election. This money is going directly towards attack ads against our SEEC climate champions who have been holding them accountable in Washington.

So far this election cycle, oil and gas interests have contributed seven times more money to Republicans… and without campaign finance reform, they can flood the airwaves with negative ads in the final months of this election without even disclosing who paid for the ad!

We need all the resources we can get to fight back against the millions being spent by the fossil fuel industry to elect Trump and defeat our SEEC members! Will you please rush in a donation now to help us defeat Trump and his allies?