Turning farmers into climate-fighting champions

Farmers are on the frontlines of climate change. Droughts, heavy rainfall, and flooding are destroying crops everywhere. That’s why farmers are pulling away from the GOP’s climate-denying policies and embracing our warming planet reality.

That’s why Democrats are stepping up to help them adapt.

The Inflation Reduction Act is sending $20 billion(!!!) to farmer conservation programs, like the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) which helps farmers improve their yields, increase their field’s resilience to extreme weather, and improve and maintain their conservation systems.

But SEEC members know that this is only the start of what is needed. Next year, Congress will be turning its attention to the Farm Bill, which comes up every five years. It’s SEEC’s mission to make the 2023 Farm Bill the first truly climate-friendly Farm Bill. We know that farmers are clamoring for this kind of assistance.

Democrats like SEEC Member Kim Schrier, chair of the SEEC Climate and Agriculture Task Force, are helping farmers endure worsening weather conditions caused by climate change while the GOP continues to look the other way.

But Republicans are making moves to wreck the next Farm Bill’s climate-fighting potential and cut back on programs like the CSP if they take control of Congress. And Rep. Schrier is one of our most at-risk SEEC seats in November.

We only have twelve days left to defend our green majority in the House so that they can keep delivering climate-resilient policies that help everyone. Please rush a contribution so SEEC members like Rep. Schrier can keep fighting for farmers and climate action.