We’re the largest environmental organization in Congress!

Happy Earth Day, team!

Today is a day to re-dedicate ourselves to the planet that we are so lucky to call home and demonstrate our support for the environment – whether that’s picking up trash in your local community or donating to environmental organizations and causes you believe in.

We hope you will consider making a donation to support the House Sustainable Energy & Environment Coalition (SEEC PAC) today!

Here’s how your donation will make a difference in the fight to save our planet:

  • SEEC PAC is the largest environmental coalition in Congress – with over 90 members who believe in protecting our planet. Your support will help us grow our ranks and elect a new green majority this November to tackle the climate crisis.
  • Last cycle, we helped re-elect 95% of our vulnerable members on a night when many Democrats lost their seats. We have proven that we can raise money for climate champions and use it effectively to help them win their competitive seats.
  • We are advancing critical legislation to address the climate crisis. We’ve already passed the largest investment in clean energy in history with the Inflation Reduction Act, and we’re working to stop Republicans from passing a partisan Farm Bill that would make cuts to these critical investments.
  • Our members range from strong progressives like AOC to vulnerable members of Congress like Mary Peltola in Alaska. Together, we can lead the fight to save our planet before all the science says it will be too late.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 this Earth Day so we can help our most vulnerable members win re-election and continue their important work in Congress. Will you please send in a generous donation today and become a part of our climate movement?

Thank you for your support!